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New Books: Coming in 2021

Unaware: There may be more to life than we know

Jack and Brenda Willard’s marriage is on the rocks. When their oldest son has a traumatic accident they flounder. Two strangers unexpectedly befriend them as they embark on a difficult and unpredictable journey. Will this make or break them?

Meanwhile, in heaven, God trains a new group of Guardian Angels, preparing then for their mission on earth. They have no idea what to expect and are introduced to well known biblical characters as a means of gaining insight into how people on earth think and behave.

Unaware describes the threshold between heaven and earth as awareness grows between the two quite distinct realms. Heaven doesn’t understand earth, and those on earth can hardly imagine heaven. It’s a journey of revelation and discovery tackling questions about why is life so tough at times, where is God, why suffering, is there hope? The Guardian Angels scratch their heads and Jack and Brenda don’t know what to think, most of the time.

Bread ‘n Wine

Words to Nourish when Hungry

An edited compilation of weekly articles I wrote over a period of ten years. They cover a wide range of Christian topics with the intent of encouraging anyone to know that God believes in them. There is no Christian elite, God does not think or act as we do, so how do we live with the mystery?

God tends to jump out of religious boxes. He is kind, gracious, forgiving, deeply understanding. He’s seldom status quo and edgier than most who follow him. He doesn’t mind a mess and specializes in bringing order out of chaos, peace in a storm, and faith to believe when hope has withered on the vine.

The readings will be random with a topical index if needed.

Hope to be finished later in the 2021.