Little Mountain Pastoral Counselling

LMPC offers a safe environment where you can ‘be yourself’ without fear of rejection, shame, or judgement. No matter how bad our situation there’s always hope for the future. We don’t have to live as victims of our past or our circumstances. Sometimes it feels we are powerless and imprisoned by relationships or situations beyond our control. That’s when having someone to talk to and walk alongside us can provide the breathing room and encouragement we need for hope to rise up. We can be empowered to make choices that give us healthy boundaries, learn how to let go of excess baggage, and begin to dream again.


…to catch your breath, challenge to despair and rediscover hope.


….listening, to hear yourself talk. Acceptance without judgement. Healing takes time…


…how you arrived here. You’re not alone. There is a way forward. You set the pace.

Do something about your situation, sooner rather than later. There is hope….

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