Broken for Good – A Personal Story of Redemption

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You never think it will happen to you!

It’s an awkward story from my perspective about my fall from grace…. The book I hoped I’d never write because it’s easy to feel shame and regret when we screw up. But giving them the last word perpetuates the problem, and I’m not falling for that. So here we go. I’ve written to encourage others who may have failed (or at least stumbled) as a testimony to the relentless love of God who never gives up on us….

Have you ever heard the biblical story of the prodigal son? Does a father lovingly-even happily-forgiving his wayward son seem too much like a fairy tale? Is it hard for you to believe that people who have failed or made bad choices can be redeemed? And that there’s a God who actually wants to restore and heal those who make mistakes and battle with consequences?

John Cox served as a Christian pastor for sixteen years sincerely believing in God. But when he crossed a forbidden line he lost sight of God. Unable to step back, acknowledge his mistake, and ask for forgiveness, his despair and disillusionment lead him into a disastrous, adulterous affair, which eventually resulted in broken ties with his wife, his church, and God.

Divorced, from the ministry and his marriage, John plunged into a depression, which he fully expected to be the end of his story. But when a visit to his dying father starts to unpack the emotional wounds he’d buried throughout his life, a new self-awareness begins to dawn. Slowly but surely, God reveals to John the truth about grace, forgiveness, and love.

Encounter redemption and hope through this authentic, transparent account of failure and faith.

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