Googling God

Responses to 1st Edition

GoodBookStall Review (UK): Tim

One of the marks of a true genius is being able to grasp and understand very complex subjects and to interpret them for others in a more easily understood manner or to join disparate threads together and make the end product seem obvious. This book is one of the best apologetics that I have read and it is right up-to-date and relevant for today’s reader covering all the main topics of a general apologetic with chapters such as: “Proof”, “Religion Is Everywhere” or “Good God, Why Does It Hurt So Much?”

John Cox draws on the very wide ranging and challenging life experiences that he has encountered and he has used empathetic biographical montages to aid his brilliant explanations and discussions. Here is a book that will deepen your understanding of the very reality of God in our modern lives, but also it is written at a level that means it could be given to a seeking non-Christian who wants real answers without the sugar coating of “cheesy” religion.

Buy it, read and enjoy it, then give it to a friend to enjoy also!

Tom – USA

“I absolutely love your book, “Googling God”. For me it is one of those books that is not only hard to put down but I have gone back and reread many parts and am now highlighting those lines and parts that I don’t want to forget. I am a Sunday School Leader for adults and have referred to the book many times. It lies right with my Bible and the two work well together for me.

Roma – Durban, South Africa

What an amazing book you wrote – Googling God! I have been blessed out of my socks, thank you! After 14 years in my walk with the Lord I hit a bit of a dead spot… and know that God wants me to re-ignite the first flashes of love I felt for him. Your words have inspired me to get back into His presence in a more meaningful way – so bless you for that!


John Cox presents his life experiences in knowing God and his struggles with faith as a pastor. Reading the book feels like lying down in the grass and having a casual conversation with a friend – the same scenario John sets up in the opening of the book. Insightful and warm in tone, the book is great for anyone wanting to see how God has worked in the life of a man through many ups and downs and never let him go. It illustrates that that knowing Jesus is exciting and beautiful – not dull or boring as too many Christians have wrongly come to understand.

Unicorn Tree Books Blog – UK

This book is about finding God and how we start that experience, possibly by Googling him (or of course you could even Bing him these days! ……. From Googling God this then develops out into eventually a personal experience and relationship. This book is great because it’s written in such an engaging and personal way by someone who is of our time, a person whose had experience changing continents, changing lives, going through divorce, heartache and upheaval, who uses modern technology and isn’t afraid of sharing the personal experiences of doubt, trauma and pain to get across his message. A person who is willing to share more than just the surface niceties and nonsense, but open up about the life dramas experienced in an open and honest way.
But what I like most about this book is how it feels like a book that’s incorporating our internet experience into the very body and feel of it, it reads how googling hopping feels – short interesting on topic sections with jumps to quotes and idea’s on a theme, quick flits elsewhere and then back onto the next engaging section. It reads like you are googling God and John Cox and that in itself is really engaging and shows just how much books, the internet and faith can work together, adapt to each other and grow better for it – and that is a great thing to witness.

Broken for Good

Well-written with an encouraging message to all who face life’s struggles and need to appreciate the importance of God’s unconditional love and His Grace.

Rob – Australia

John Cox shows immense courage in revealing his inner soul. Anyone who feels that God has turned his back on them needs to read this book. John holds nothing back as he talks about his fall from grace. It is an encouragement to everyone who’s ever looked up at the sky and asked “God do you really care?”

Anon – USA

I had a hard time putting this book down.

Not only was this book a raw and revealing look at the anatomy of a fall from grace, but beautiful insight into the brokenness that led to the fall, and then the incredible redemption. Although this is a very personal story, I think most of us can relate to the emptiness or hurting that precedes a mistake and the author eloquently captures this without making excuses. The end is awe inspiring and left me with incredible hope, despite circumstances. I highly recommend it!

Samantha S – Vancouver Island

I found this was a very interesting book because I have been a member of the church which John currently pastors almost since the beginning of his arrival in Canada. I was not part of the inner circle and therefore was not aware of all of the details of his life before the crash. This book has filled in some of the small blanks that he has not reveled in his talks and sermons to make a point about Gods love and graceful redemption not only of him but of the possibility for the rest of us. John is now a much more powerful speaker because of what he has learned from his experiences. He now gives a true expression of God’s grace in the way that he writes about the people and institutions that have injured him during and after he left ministry and then endured depression and disillusionment. It is so good to have him back strong and forthright, completely devoted to Gods plan.

John – Vancouver Island

I know John personally; he is my friend. He was my pastor at Jericho Road but since then I’ve I moved to Vancouver. I’ve heard smatterings of his story from him and others. This book beautifully ties all of it together. John and I have arrived at a common place in our walks with Jesus albeit by two completely different paths. My wife is dying of Alzheimers disease and the grief born out of eight years of caregiving for my precious wife is unspeakable but like John, it has led me to the very heart of Jesus and the heart of His Father. Our brokenness has been brutally yet wonderfully revealed in the pages of this book and it keeps pointing us back to the Father’s good, compassionate and loving heart. It’s a place that John and I would never want to leave. If you’re experiencing pain, whether self inflicted or otherwise and you want to experience redemption, healing and love, you’ll want to read this book.

Anon – Vancouver