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Living life is complicated at times. The journey of faith and belief is a mixture of doubt, mystery, fulfilment, and a whole lot more. It’s tempting to conclude others have it easier. I believe that the more we share our story with transparency and humility the greater the encouragement to one another. God is good and faithful; my writing affirms that truth while acknowledging my wobbly working it out.

Unaware If Only We’d Known – Published by Wipf & Stock in August, 2021

Jack’s life is broken, his marriage estranged. After his failed suicide attempt and rescue by a compassionate stranger, he is forced to face up to the man he has become—a far cry from the man he wants to be. As he grapples with his own big questions, his son’s life hangs in the balance. His wife Brenda, angry and grieving, struggles to open her heart to the man who has betrayed her more times than she can count.

As Jack and Brenda’s story unfolds, five trainee guardian angels discover the tough realities of life on earth and prepare to embark on their own journey—to open people’s eyes to God’s presence and love, and his passion to rescue, redeem, and restore.

This is the story of how heaven and earth overlap. Of how God waits, patiently and earnestly, in many guises, for his sons and daughters to lift the veil of unawareness and receive his grace. Of how, out of the depths of despair, God can bring healing and hope to a couple who thought all was lost.

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John Cox presents his life experiences in knowing God and his struggles with faith as a pastor. Reading the book feels like lying down in the grass and having a casual conversation with a friend.

This book is one of the best apologetics that I have read and it is right up-to-date and relevant for today’s reader…..

This book is great because it’s written in such an engaging and personal way by someone who is of our time, a person whose had experience changing continents, changing lives, going through divorce, heartache and upheaval, who uses modern technology and isn’t afraid of sharing the personal experiences of doubt, trauma and pain to get across his message.

Broken for Good – A True Story of Betrayal, disillusionment, and believing again It’s the book I wish I never had to write, because it’s awkward to acknowledge personal failure. But that would be to give shame the upper hand. In contrast to my/our failures is the faithfulness of God… particularly to people like me (and you).

Well-written with an encouraging message to all who face life’s struggles and need to appreciate the importance of God’s unconditional love and His Grace.

Not only was this book a raw and revealing look at the anatomy of a fall from grace, but beautiful insight into the brokenness that led to the fall, and then the incredible redemption.

Into Depression and Beyond (available on Kindle)

… a collection of poetry written through the dark time of depression. It gives expression to conflicting struggles, disillusionment, and despair. It’s not easy reading but for those who have never experienced depression it may give greater insight and empathy for a journey that is hard to describe and comprehend if you haven’t been there.

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Running Free is a collection of songs available on iTunes

A few songs from the album with slides (for I lift my Eyes) from a visit to a retreat center in Northern Uganda.

A song for kids and all ages