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New Books: Coming in 2021 and Beyond

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99 Musings of a Dogeared Pilgrim

Words to Encourage Along the Way

An edited compilation of weekly articles I wrote over a period of ten years. They cover a wide range of Christian topics with the intent of encouraging anyone to know that God believes in them. There is no Christian elite, God does not think or act as we do, so how do we live with the mystery?

God tends to jump out of religious boxes. He is kind, gracious, forgiving, deeply understanding. He’s seldom status quo and edgier than most who follow him. He doesn’t mind a mess and specializes in bringing order out of chaos, peace in a storm, and faith to believe when hope has withered on the vine.

The readings will be random with a topical index if needed.

Hope to be finished later in the 2021.

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New book: Mephibosheth: A Novel

Just begun research on the story of Mephibosheth. The crippled some of Jonathan who was abandoned when David came to the throne. Later David invite him to live at his palace and share meals in the royal banqueting hall.

This is a novel about the life of Mephibosheth. Born as a prince, but lived many years as a forgotten man in hiding. Then he returns to the palace and lives out his life under the protection of King David. A life not without great challenges, serious questions of faith, and yet hope and God’s faithfulness finally triumph.

Date of completion at this stage hard to say.