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The goal is to encourage faith with honesty and transparency yes, there are many reasons to question

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The thing about greatness, success, power, money, influence, is in the details, like the devil. Losing sight of people and gestures that touch and bless those with none of the above. Too often with fame and great achievement comes a disconnect, a chasing after glitter, despising the gutter. Some people think that God is like…

Are You Disposable? Am I?

Strip away religion, church traditions, denominational pet peeves, and whatever else clogs the pipeline from God to us. Strip it all away and at the heart of Christianity is one essential truth and revelation. You and I are deeply valued and loved. We are no accident. We have been created with passion for a purpose,…


For those who live on the West Coast of North America you will know that we’ve had bucket loads of snow recently. This morning I sent my daughters snapshots of the snow around us. Tomorrow much of the snow will have melted. The snapshot captures a moment in time – a moment that melts, fades,…

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