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The goal is to encourage faith with honesty and transparency yes, there are many reasons to question

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No, not talking about losing control and going crazy. Instead thinking about the amazing transformation that takes place in life as we let go of what might have been and anticipate what is coming. It’s not always easy. Some are quick to advise others to “move on” when times have been tough. I believe we […]

Everyone Dies

How moving and emotional the past days have been as we have shared in the grief and loss of Queen Elizabeth II. Many of us have never known another British monarch or ever heard any English national anthem other than “God Save the Queen”. The outpouring of admiration, gratitude, and sadness has washed around the […]

Nothing New Under the Sun

There is nothing new under the sun. So says the writer of Ecclesiastes. Being human at times appears to resemble a rather sad comedy. One day we puff out our chests and declare how progressive and innovative we are. Forward thinking, tolerant, streets ahead of those who have lived before us. And on other occasions […]

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