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The goal is to encourage faith with honesty and transparency yes, there are many reasons to question

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Sorrow and Grief

Talking about mental health and struggles has at long last become less hidden, stigmatizing, or taboo. Where the denial of negative, or awkwardness with depression, and many tough human conditions was better worked out behind drawn curtains. We are finally embracing the reality that life is a very mixed bag of stuff. Even in the […]

Compartments or …?

Controversy is everywhere in this tumultuous time. Like buried tires burst to the surface refusing to remain hidden, issues, long contentious, are doing the same. Of course Ukraine’s defense of it’s independence is front and center – and rightly so. Freedom, democracy, bullying tactics, the role of the church (the Pope warned Patriarch Krill, the […]

Why, How, When?

Do you have questions? As many as I do? Probably so. There is so much happening around us to evoke good questions worthy of meaningful answers. And frequently in grasping for explanations we accept easy replies and quick fixes. Accusations and blame provide a smug self-satisfied comfort… “If they had, then we wouldn’t be here.” […]

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