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I’m a Christian Author and Blogger living on Vancouver Island, Canada

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The goal is to encourage faith with honesty and transparency yes, there are many reasons to question

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Music to my Fears

Thank you for opening this blog. It is one not to be rushed…. just in case 🙂 It is perhaps awkward to admit that I have usually approached life with a glass-half-empty mindset. It was not something I decided upon, it merely seemed to be my natural disposition. Which can be rather depressing. I have…


I’m obsessing somewhat about skin. At Christmas I wrote about the amazing revelation of God when his son was born in a stable in Bethlehem; and his name would be Jesus. He would grow up to say, “If you have seen me, you have seen my Father. I and my Father are one.” In other…

God and Me

I have known God from a very young age. It began as a sense of something or someone that I couldn’t understand. It touched me in the form of music as a choir boy. Even some of the ritual of church services, awe and comfort, reassurance in a frightening world where I felt very insecure…

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