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The goal is to encourage faith with honesty and transparency yes, there are many reasons to question

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Three Strings

Some of you may have heard this story but I think it’s inspiring; worth repeating and being encouraged by. It involves the world famous violinist Itzhak Perlman, crippled with polio from the age of four, overcoming significant obstacles on his musical journey to international adulation. Please click below for the story to unfold. It’s a […]

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reflections – Free Download

I have recently completed (in draft form) a compilation of 99 Reflections drawn from weekly notes to the church where I was pastor, and this blog – over the past ten years or so. They cover a wide variety of topics and are intended to provoke thought, and encourage us to grow in our relationship […]


Billionaires playing rich men’s games. Who can build the biggest space rocket? Who will be propelled into space (or at least the edge) first? Who can exploit space for money? Because there is not enough ‘space’ on earth for our type of greed. Politicians fleecing the system for personal gain. South Africa is broken because […]

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