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The goal is to encourage faith with honesty and transparency yes, there are many reasons to question

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Book Launch – At Last !

If you know me at all I tend to be a little understated. But truth be known I am quite excited to launch my first book of fiction entitled ‘Unaware’ – If Only We’d Known. Synopsis Jack’s life is broken, his marriage estranged. After his failed suicide attempt and rescue by a compassionate stranger, he […]

I Believe

We live in a time of many voices. There’s noise in the airwaves like rolling waves upon the shore that break with chaos, with conflict, with unkindness, and with accusation. There are opinions tossed around like spears, words thrown as stones, feelings trampled underfoot… and if we’re not careful we’ll be drowning, washed up, drenched […]

Second Thoughts

Have you ever had second thoughts about something? I’m sure you have. We make decisions based on impulse, peer pressure, public opinion, idealism, or what is expedient at the time. Twenty four hours later we wonder, “What was I thinking?” So we slow down and consider. What was I thinking? And to answer that question […]

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