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The goal is to encourage faith with honesty and transparency yes, there are many reasons to question

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Yes, But….

The dust has settled after Easter. More and more people are sharing stories of seeing Jesus, talking with him, touching him, sharing a meal, having him walk beside them. There were conversations with friends. What was it like? You must be joking? I won’t believe unless he appears to me? This is impossible, people don’t […]

I’m Fine

I wasn’t going to post for a while but came across this song and explanation that I so resonate with….. being authentic and finding churches and Christians where struggles are embraced as part of life – for all of us in different seasons. So often I have found people prefer to hear ‘fine’ and if […]

There ain’t No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down

On that first Easter morning when Jesus appeared to his bewildered, shocked, and joyful disciples… here and there, a few at a time, some gathered, some on the road….. they were all speechless. As I will be on this resurrection day….. This song says it all….. Hallelujah….. Be blessed, encouraged, and hope filled this Easter. […]

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