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The goal is to encourage faith with honesty and transparency yes, there are many reasons to question

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In Plain Sight

In 2007 Joshua Bell, the world renowned violinist, played his multimillion dollar Stradivarius in a New York train station. He played for one hour; seven people stopped to listen and he made $32 in tips. Normally he performs in Concert Halls around the world with tickets averaging $100 per person. People passing by were busy, […]

And Now?

“Joseph, what do we do now?” ” Dunno to be honest, Mary. Carry on as normal?” The teenage parents lay side by side on stable straw beside the crude feeding trough where their newborn slept. It was a few days since the shepherds had visited. Silence filled the night as Bethlehem slowly emptied of pilgrims […]

Finding Christmas 2

This talk by Charlie illustrates the previous blog way better than I could….. so cool. Well worth twenty minutes over the Christmas season…..

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