What kind of ‘light of the world’ is Jesus?

I have an avalanche of thoughts and musings tumbling through my heart and brain making their way into the constant remoulding of ‘who I am and will be’ as a follower and servant of Jesus.

Jesus is the light of the world….. and in my world that light seems to be ever changing, shifting, exploring, exposing, comforting, challenging, searching, finding, releasing, submitting, and always reflecting the heart of God the Father.

Jesus can be a warm and blazing fire who beckons me in from the cold and shelters me from the storm. He can be the spark that lights a thought that burns into a blazing idea energizing action. He can be a majestic beacon on a hill effortlessly repelling the darkness and waving to my wandering soul and weary feet shouting, “Walk this path…..”  He can be a lighthouse perched on the shores of turbulent places warning of danger constantly turning, seeking and saving.

And then like this week he is a searchlight forcing me to look beyond myself to the needs of others. Considering the plight of poverty and exploitation around the world and reminding me of my comfort, affluence and privilege. How I could escape from the violence and oppression of Africa, how where I live is the privilege of less than 5% of the world’s population.I am rich beyond comprehension to many, many, many, many, many men, women, and children.

No, I don’t write with riddled guilt….. But I am grateful for the truth of Jesus’ light that never ceases to move over every facet of life beckoning me (and us) to not stop and camp…. Guilt is a waste of time… response to the prompting of God’s Spirit and the light of Jesus is life giving…. I have a sense that the Father is gently stirring me to keep stretching and reaching beyond what I can ask or imagine…. Not for my self-gratification but for others….

I’m thinking about the Jericho Road Children’s Project in Mbarara Uganda that I visited last year with Pat Kokura. I’m thinking about the wonder of that vision to house, clothe, feed and support street kids with no hope…. I’m thinking about the land they have which could support a new facility for this project if only they could find $100,000 to really make it work. And I’m thinking it’s time to dream of that coming true….. and what I can do to help…..  And that’s all because Jesus, the light of the world, knows no boundaries…..

It’s time……

John Cox

Christian Author

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