Patience and Reading Between the Lions

To be quite honest sometimes ‘waiting on the Lord’ or ‘being still’, trusting, or ‘believing in what I don’t yet see’ is a challenge. Other words are: having faith, timing, and learning to live in a state of ‘rest’. Working in a church at times is slow; like watching paint dry – of course on other occasions it is frenetic with no time to even contemplate painting.

Which led me to think about Jesus when as a lad of perhaps twelve he was found chatting in the temple with religious leaders. His mother and father had to backtrack to Jerusalem where he informed them he was about his Father’s business. If I’d been Joseph I probably would have smacked him for insolence even if he was God’s son…. or maybe not :-)! But with such an awareness of identity and purpose at that age, how did he manage to wait in the wings for another 18 years before getting the nod to begin his public ministry?

Perhaps this is an encouraging word for those of us who become impatient with our circumstances – is God doing anything with my cries for marriage, or a new job, or a solution to this problem etc.? Yes, absolutely. How do I know? Because he tells us that he will not give us stones if we ask for bread. He reminds us that if we who are evil know how to give good gifts how much more will he….? So let’s learn to live out of the loving and confident assurance of the Father that all good things will come to those who wait upon Him…… Remember God multi-tasks – he is usually accomplishing more than we can ask or imagine…. loves process more than accomplishments.

Just be sure you’re listening to the right voice, which brings me to the lions. In James we are warned to be alert – because satan prowls around like a roaring lion waiting to devour. In Revelation Jesus is described as the Lion of Judah….. and we often reference him as the Lion (Aslan) or the Lion King 🙂

LIKE a lion is the clue to spotting the enemy…. infiltrating our ranks and posing as the real lion….. It tells me that I can expect to encounter the enemy in the church and among Christians who are unwittingly being used….. Nothing to be afraid of – merely be alert…. We can spot the counterfeit lion by it’s behavior and roar… instead of comfort and protection it attacks and bares its claws…. Instead of love joy and peace it brings discord, fear, and seeks control by power and brute force.

Just thought I’d mention those two big cats…… good to know who’s who… beware of the purrrrrrr-fect stranger 🙂

Now which lion are these two singing about…..?



John Cox

Christian Author

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