After Avatar – Just imagine

It’s Christmas Day; around the world as we slowly rotate together we celebrate the unimaginable….. God, creator of the universe – unbelievable – entering into this small microscopic particle of a vast infinity we cannot comprehend – and becoming human.His mission, to remind us that we are created beings (deeply loved) gifted with life – we are not gods or owners, independent, or self-determining. The world in which we live is not ‘all there is’…. The meaning of life is found under the skin and beyond the material.

The baby Jesus grew to manhood and spoke of these truths, demonstrated extraordinary love, grace, power, and courage. Insulted by his suggestion that we should pay homage to anyone other than ourselves we hoisted him onto a crucifix and smashed nails into his flesh…. adorned it with a crown of thorns, thrust a spear into his side and watched the blood flow and his breath falter. His body hung limp and the man was dead.

Except the Word that became flesh could not be killed like that…. for the spirit within – true life – ultimate reality – the essence of who we are – is not subject to us. We have no authority to give or take life only to pollute, hijack, wound, and trash the carriage… or to treasure, bless, appreciate, and value the gift revealed through the one born in Bethlehem – just like us.

Last night I watched with wonder Avatar – the new movie by James Cameron. We sat spellbound viewing an imaginative story unfold through our 3D lenses that made a fictitious world come alive. The ability to translate and create through computer technology is absolutely incredible…. See the clip below that provides some information about how they accomplished the task.

And then ponder this Christmas why it is that we so readily tend to dismiss the miraculous, the wonder, the unbelievable when it comes to God, Jesus, power to heal, resurrection, new beginnings, unconditional love, forgiveness, life beyond death, hope for the future, prayer, prophecy, and more……. beyond what the eye can see…… If James Cameron and his team can create Avatar what might be possible with God revealed in Jesus….. I wonder….. 🙂

May your Christmas and New Year be unbelievable – only possible when we bond (connect  our tails with Jesus – afraid you’ll have to see the movie to understand the meaning ….)

John Cox

Christian Author

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