Stadiums and Churches

Seems to be a time to learn from movie metaphors…… Harking back to Invictus where I’m tugged back into my previous life in Cape Town and the roar of rugby crowds erupting from the Newlands stadium.

I lived five minutes from there for most of my childhood and teens. When I wasn’t attending a rugby or cricket international one could virtually follow the team’s fortunes by the rising and ebbing cheers or groans that spilled over the surrounding area during the course of a game.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if gathering as a church or Christian community was filled with such life and passion? An expectancy on arrival and sense of anticipation…. interaction and participation that enthuses and evokes genuine emotion. Like when those bedraggled shepherds left the manger in Bethlehem and couldn’t help but talk and exude about what they had witnessed and experienced…. (not what they understood).

Sport in many parts of the world is where all manner of people gather and share the excitement – no matter there economic status, race or level of education. I have a sneaking suspicion Jesus longs for that passionate interaction as well….. certainly not because his ego needs it – not at all! But because passion is the most genuine and authentic indicator that ‘we get it’….  In the stadium where Jesus is Lord we understand his victory over evil, his forgiveness fought for and won on a bloody cross, his resurrection and gift of life for all who are open to receive and humble enough to ask.

That’s my prayer (not wish) for 2010…. more passion, louder cheers, greater worship, wider eyes to see and more sensitive ears to hear the living God – Jesus – in whose presence I cannot keep still or quiet, whose power gives me goosebumps as I witness healing before my eyes, whose love evokes tears of gratitude, whose teaching challenges my intellect and inspires my heart, and whose promises provide a bedrock of truth upon which I can stand firm and face an unknown future with confidence and expectancy. And I desperately need the other people around me for encouragement, inspiration, mentoring, sharpening, and good old-fashioned support along the way.

None of this downloading everything in virtual worlds where I’m stuck in front of a computer screen in isolation – a prisoner like Nelson Mandela with the console and mouse as my Robben Island.

No, I don’t want to be the only one in the stadium…. hope you’ll be there too – with passion 🙂 In real time…. shoulder to shoulder…. broken people like me calling his name and experiencing his touch….

Here’s a song that inspires me….

John Cox

Christian Author

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  • That is a beautiful song John and the images are beautiful and sometimes sad but always compelling.

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