I have beautiful eyes! :-)

Just come back from a long overdue  eye check up. Went through the routine of eye drops, chin on chin-rest look at the green dot – snap-click. “OK, swivel round and rest chin here, puff of air on eye… wide open. Let’s try again…. there we are. Take a seat, the doctor will see you shortly.” I sit in the chair in the doctor’s office and he does the tests and then shows me the photograph of my eyes.

I can’t believe my eyes! Beautiful greens, pools across which pencil-thin lines trace in red disappearing into the shadows that fringe, their depths impossible to fathom. These are the windows to my soul, so delicate these stain-glass portals. I gasp, and tell him about my friend Kevan, a professor of neuro-psychology in Zurich, who’s trying to build an eye; but they’ve only managed an outline (still amazing but nothing like this).

It brings me back to the wonder of God and his creation…. Living with a heart of gratitude and appreciation that leads to a place where I want to honor him and keep learning how to see others through his eyes. I pray for him to adjust my lenses so that what is unimportant becomes blurred and what is close to his heart is sharply focused. He won’t give me a formula or a prescription, merely encourages me to draw closer. As I do my view of the world changes. Then I discover his eyes are on me and they’re smiling and safe; affirming my identity as a beloved child. I lost sight of that for years and my heart grew hard; was blind… but now I see – all is softer and more alive!

Seeing is indeed believing 🙂

John Cox

Christian Author and Counsellor

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