Jesus and ‘you’ at the Antiques Roadshow

Every week it seems people ferret through their house for treasures somewhere in England and cart them off to another Antiques Roadshow when it announces a venue near where they live. The camera picks up lines of hopefuls and then lets us eavesdrop as they come face to face with the expert who knows almost everything about their object. There’s the rotund cherubic man who talks about china with an affection that’s passion on steroids; the furniture expert in a pinstripe suit, the watch collector with thick glasses, and the soft spoken blond women who specializes in dolls….. I would watch the show merely for the entertainment of witnessing the English interact with such eloquence and understatement, but also because of the fascination of discovering the hidden treasures that leaves the owner speechless when told of a value beyond their imagination…. “Well, I never…. did you hear that George…. who would have thought? And we nearly threw it away except Mildred said maybe not, one never knows…..” 🙂

Imagine you’re an item in the hands of someone lining up to talk to God…… Many people would anticipate being placed into the hands of a violent, cold, and legalistic figure who would hold you at arms length and spit out words of disappointment and dismay at what had happened to you. The deepest fear would be to be handed back as an object with not much value but ‘treasured by the family and therefore priceless… ‘- words that would ring hollow in your ears because you would hear your worst fears enunciated in the Queen’s English. Fortunately such a nightmare is fabricated nonsense and the substance of religion and Pharisaical scribes.

Placed in the hands of the living God you’d be handled with care, examined with eyes filled with a love and warmth you’d never experienced before, and you’d feel so secure when touched by his fingers that ‘being safe’ would be forever defined by that moment. Merely being held by the Creator and ‘expert’ would be enough; when you heard him speak you’d weep. Why? Listen to him describe what he had in mind when you were created, the purpose of your form and being, the hidden traits in you designed to emerge through time if nurtured by his spirit, the value of the person you were created to be. The words, the tone, the inflection in his voice would amaze you – you’d experience love at a depth you never knew was possible and then you’d cry again. His voice would change and you’d see the tears in his eyes. The tears of a Father embracing a lost son or daughter after years of estrangement. He’d tenderly roll you over in his large hands and dust you off, muttering,”‘Whatever has happened to you, how did you get so disheveled and disfigured?” Then his expression would change yet again…. “Leave him/her with me,  I make all things new… their value is out of this world…

Jesus entered this world as the only expert dealing in human beings… his was the original Antiques Roadshow. Wherever he went he affirmed broken and lost men and women, gave legs to the lame and eyes to the blind, hope to the lost, and new identities to those who’d misplaced theirs. He’s still doing that today…. all over the world. If you who walk this earth know how to restore artifacts and give value to gold… how much more will I……….. you……?!

John Cox

Christian Author

One comment

  • An interesting piece of writing. That has perhaps forced me to consider something new. That ‘our’ ‘creation’ continues throughout our life. And that we only begin to become complete when we begin to ‘know’ God.

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