Reconciliation – a Wonderful Thing :-)

In a world of broken relationships, hostility, and constant news of break ups and break downs it is a joyful and rare occasion when we get to experience ‘coming together’, restoration, reconciliation, and new beginnings.

Yesterday Jericho Road (the church I help lead) gathered together to begin a new journey with an old friend from whom we had been disconnected for four years. As in all situations where human beings are involved and God is invited…. blessings and curses abounded…. people got hurt, and many distortions of truth on all sides ran riot over the years. Both groups were ravaged and it’s only because we have a great and merciful God that we could ever come together, learn from our past, acknowledge our wrongdoings, and choose to appropriate God’s grace through Jesus on the Cross, and move forward together.

Yesterday we gathered together to draw a line in the sand and declare that we will no longer live wounded and ravaged but will move forward into a greater fulness of what God the Father’s love and kindness offers us. We want to bear witness in a fractured world that there is hope for healing, and it is possible for people who have wounded each other to forgive, and it is even more possible for God to raise us up to live in joy and hope again.

This is a wonderful yet fragile new beginning that will have to be worked out in ongoing conversations and relationships one at a time. But what a memorable and remarkable beach-head has been established for the Kingdom of God to take root…..

Here is the audio file of the proceedings on Sunday – without music and the breaking of Bread part of the service….. I invite you to walk alongside us and pray that what God is doing we will embrace with humility, gladness, and open hearts….

Please be patient it may take a few minutes to download…. thanks

Reconciliation JR 26 Sept 2010

here’s a great song as well…

John Cox

Christian Author


  • Hi John,
    You have said it very well…… still reflecting on the service on Sunday…there was so much to take in…..and it was so well done. Thankyou

  • Thank you John for the “reconciliation” sermon. We listened to it again, how blessed we were to have been a part of this new beginning, for all of us.

    We are very excited to get to know new brothers and sisters and to physically and in spirit feel the love of the Lord in services.

    Bless you John,
    Walt and Lorie Shone Kusmin.

    • Thanks very much, it has been lovely to meet and begin to get to know you both. Look forward to much more for all of us in the future… You are a great encouragement…

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