God on a Leash

So the other day I was having my hair cut and while the artistic shredding was underway I watched an older gentleman emerge from his car clutching a little dog under his arm. Got me thinking of how many people have little dogs. I see them everywhere on leashes prancing on tiny toes, usually with mega ears and bulging eyes…. to be honest I’m not a great fan. Of course other canines at the end of leashes range in size from slightly bigger to massive. People love their dogs and it’s no surprise that they become part of a family, or in some cases the beloved confidant of their owner.

They provide unconditional love, constant affirmation, are highly interactive and always glad to see you. They never answer back, can be put out in the yard, sent to the kennels, or invited onto the bed at the owner’s whim.

In a world where God is often a distant concept or a Sunday pet all we’re often left with is him spelled backwards messing up the sidewalk. Kinda’ sad methinks.

Now before all the little pet lovers get offended…. there’s absolutely nothing wrong with adoring your little guy or lady on a leash….  Think about God and how fortunate we are that he doesn’t treat us as a pet; instead he invites into relationship with him as friends….. how cool is that? Makes me want to jump up and down, spin in circles, and wag my tail! Woof!

John Cox

Christian Author

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