You have a Friend Request this Christmas

Christmas approaches and all manner of frenzy is underway. Peer through the busyness, brush aside the wrapping paper and underneath it all is a timeless treasure that has never changed. A God who loves so passionately that he stooped as low as possible to whisper his words of hope and love, joy and peace, life and forgiveness into a very broken world. A baby was born in a cave outside Bethlehem and if there had been laptops and Facebook it may have looked like this:

There’s a ‘friend request’ this Christmas inviting you and me to respond perhaps in a more intentional and interactive way then we have for a long time. When your name and mine came up on His screen He didn’t press ‘refuse’ or ‘delete’… hope you don’t either….. Have a meaning-filled Christmas….. and may God truly bless you…..


John Cox

Christian Author

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