Blowing in the wind

We had a mighty gale blowing across this island a few days ago…. knocked the power out, trees gave up resisting and fell, branches flew, and the waters were whipped into a frenzy of galloping white horses that kicked the ferry schedules out of shape for the rest of the day. Things change when the wind blows…. sometimes brings clouds and rain and other days sunshine and warmth….. When I was very small I used to think that the trees moved and caused the wind…. then I learned the cause was invisible and air moved from high pressure to low pressure and the trees were blown by that invisible flow – the wind. Much like we perhaps tend to think we are the centre of the universe and cause everything around us…… when the invisible is as real as that which we see with our natural eye.

This song started with a mischievous phrase that dropped into my mind like a branch blown in the wind – ‘the wind’s on the water’…… The wind is ofter referred to as ‘God’s Spirit’……

John Cox

Christian Author and Counsellor


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