Whatever happens…. never stop believing

Life is a hell of a journey on the way to heaven…. that starts on earth when we meet Jesus. He is not a religious romantic by a long stretch. He made quite clear that life on earth is trouble-full and that his purpose is to meet us wherever we are and accompany us the rest of the way. I struggled for years to believe this truth and in the midst of the twilight heard hope before I saw and touched it.

I’ve just read a memoir by Brenna Manning… once a Catholic priest and one who lived a life of struggle with alcoholism and discovered ‘amazing grace’. In the foreword a friend of his writes: “I learned the truth of the gospel from Brennan, the same gospel you will find in this book: “That in the end, my sin will never outweigh God’s love. That the Prodigal can never outrun the Father. That I am not measured by the good I do but by the grace I accept. That being lost is a prerequisite to being found. That living a life of faith is not lived in the light, it is discovered in the dark. That not being a saint here on earth will not necessarily keep you from being in that number when the march begins.”

I yearn to share the truth of those words that describe the heart of God – a loving Father…. who never lets us go….

This song was written out of such revelations and places…. as an affirmation for myself as well as a means of encouragement, resolve and focus….. I mean every word and it’s proven to be so… thank God…. very much 🙂

John Cox

Christian Author

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