Twenty Seven Million Slaves in the World Today

Sometimes there are few words to describe situations. We sing Amazing Grace as a testimony to the powerful transforming work of God in a song linked to the abolishing of slavery. Yet in our day we hear that twenty seven million are still in slavery and a huge number of those slaves are girls caught in human trafficking and the sex trade. It’s the dark side of a fallen humanity’s insistence on the right to be free on our terms with no restraints from God.


Unrestrained freedom is never freedom but rather the opportunity for the most powerful and corrupt to build empires where one or two are free on the backs of millions.

I am moved by Matt Redman’s song drawing attention to this matter, inspired and thrilled to see Christians standing up for good, for the downtrodden, for Jesus…..

Here’s  the interview and the song….. Very good reasons why pornography should be abolished on the internet for a start – but more importantly why we all need to step up and out and share the power and love of Jesus that changes hearts rather than merely complaining.. Be the Light in the darkness… set the captives free by stepping into freedom…..


That’s why we meet on Thursday at 5 pm at “I am Second” to be a loving community for those wrestling with addictions in Port Alberni…. Start wherever you are…. Join us if you’re in town…. Contacts at


John Cox

Christian Author

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