Want to witness a miracle?

Sometimes we come across someone or something that leaves us speechless… it’s beyond understanding and wonderful to behold.

If what Derek can do is possible then why is it so hard for us to consider a God who is bigger and beyond our understanding? Our paradigms and frameworks are the constructs of our experience and thinking – up until now. Then a new possibility, encounter or experience stops us dead/or alive in our tracks and if we are curious and humble we may take time to ‘think again’. I’m often looking at suffering and asking God why he doesn’t take it away.

There’s mystery around every corner on earth and I don’t have a clue about the answers. Then witness the exquisite and unexpected gifts of Derek and I think God might smile at our incredulity and say, “See, I can do anything through anyone; just accept and enjoy because you’ll never figure me out.”

Sit back, watch, listen…. and smile back šŸ™‚

John Cox

Christian Author and Counsellor

One comment

  • Derek is an incredible example of what an incredible God can do. His gifts of amazing musical abilities and social skills more than make up for what he is lacking. God gave him the gift of love and we could all learn from Derek.

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