You Must be Out of Your Mind!

You must be out of your mind to receive the gift that Easter offers – every day. It can’t be received any other way – because it is unbelievable. That God would reduce himself into the smallest of microchips in the person of Jesus is astounding. That he would live among us for thirty years in virtual obscurity with no perks or special treatment defies my hedonistic logic. That he would heal the sick and demonstrate what it means to be fully human in the face of skeptics and cynics – remarkable. That he would willingly submit to ridicule, abuse, violence – to the extreme of crucifixion – and forgive us because we did not know what we were doing – breathtaking. That he would rise from the dead where we placed him and invite us to follow him – anyway… inspiring, awesome, beyond words or comprehension… I’m losing my mind now!

How does one wrap one’s mind around that revelation. Much like the open tomb – the only way is to travel in one’s heart to the places where Jesus touched the earth and find out for yourself. And when it gets confusing and too hard to comprehend and your head hurts…. open your heart, watch this and relax….:-)

I reflect on the immensity of space, the order and beauty, and I’m humbled and astounded…. I share with the first disciples a sense of confusion as they tried to wrestle with what was going on on Good Friday and then later after the resurrection. Everything about Good Friday and Easter stretched those around Jesus to the limits and beyond. The wonderful truth that emerges from the empty tomb is that God was neither disillusioned by them nor surprised at how events unfolded.

The meaning of Easter that breaks open for me this year…. is the truth that Jesus’ life, death and resurrection is ultimately about a God who believes in you and me enough to go to unbelievable lengths to encourage, heal, redeem and restore those who were beginning to think they were the centre of the universe ( a very small mind leads to such delusion… all creation shrink-wrapped into my understanding). What a relief to know that because of the empty tomb I can entrust my limited perspective into the hands and heart of one who is infinite and yet intimate, creator of the universe and a friend of rebel hearts. The most believable aspect of God is that his ways are not my ways and he is absolutely unbelievable to me.

‘For the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom – and the weakness of God is stronger than human strength.’ Hallelujah!

I believe in Him because He first believed in me!

May you know the joy of Easter alive inside you… bursting forth with hope and expectancy…. that He will accomplish exceedingly more in you than you can ask or imagine if you’re willing to step into the unbelievable adventure with the One who loves you and holds your very heart and life…… make sense? Understand? Happy to entrust that ‘knowing’ to another greater than I can ever be….. Trust like a child….. 🙂

John Cox

Christian Author

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  • Thank you, so very inspiring, all of Trail notes, Jonathan, Derick and The Word that speaks to the heart so clearly.

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