Hunt ’em down and kill ’em… that’s what I say!

I attended a great meeting yesterday which was encouraging and a breath of fresh air.

One of the biggest problems in the Christian Church is our delight and love for zoo keeping and acting as game wardens. We protect a few select species that we feed and nurture at the cost of everything around us. We’ll guard and caress these animals to the detriment of our relationships, we’ll deny Jesus five times a day in order for them not to be disturbed, and we’ll go to great lengths to embrace them rather than one another.

I’m talking about sacred cows and ‘elephants in the room’.

The reason our meeting was so refreshing was that we committed ourselves to prodding these lumbering self-absorbed beasts out into the open and slaughtering them. The result was that more space was created in the atmosphere for us to listen and hear one another. It was easier to move closer to each other without the smelly presence of a sacred cow between us or the lumbering shape of  the invisible but ever present elephant messing things up.

So this is a cry from the heart for others to join in the hunt…. let’s not allow sacred cows and hidden elephants to flourish where we live or to disturb our team building any longer. They’re not the real deal and they cause absolute havoc despite the reverential silence that often veils their presence. They feed from the trough of hell and they never are tamed….

I’m thanking God for those I shared precious time with yesterday who have purposed to rise up and make a difference; to courageously take the land once and for all where sacred cows and invisible elephants have ruled the roost for way too long.  Hallelujah… truth sets us free…. not elephant/cow bull@%#****

Truth is a person….. Jesus…. where he lives there ain’t nothing else sacred…..


And here’s another way of saying something similar….. from Africa….. just stir in Jesus – who gives power to make words come to life in real time….



John Cox

Christian Author

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  • No point building on rubble and broken past, so wonderful to see the new re-building on clean clear open slate, blessings

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