It’s not really complicated :-)

“Life is unfair.” Scott Peck begins one of his books with the simple statement that has most of us protesting and agonizing… particularly when we feel we are the victim of injustice. I’ve lived in that posture for years and it’s a tough mindset to break free from when circumstances around and within appear to be relentlessly challenging and negative. In the midst of my tirades I inevitably shook my fist at God for his apparent indifference, his teasing words of love, and his seeming paralysis when it came to actually doing anything to make my life better. I was a prisoner to circumstances, history, and a heart that had grown bitter and closed….. When that happens my very, very, very limited perceptions and mind rule the day… and it’s not a pretty sight.

At last through the mists of disillusionment the whisper of God the Father broke through and encouraged me to stop my ranting and consider what it would be like if I dared to believe that He was for me , not against me. It was not He who was rattling my cage or playing havoc with circumstances….. if I chose, He’d be more than glad to help me in my weakness. Because I was so weary – and desperate – I turned and saw One who with one word shattered my deceived mind and unlocked my tightly chained heart. Everything changed in a slow, quick, mysterious, wonderful metamorphosis of escalating hope, release, and renewed vision… that I’m still processing and walking into.

All I know for sure is that life get’s really complicated when I attempt to control the agenda. However, as I walk alongside God my Father with an open and yielded heart, trusting with what may appear to be naive simplicity…. heaven opens and freedom pours out, fear leaves, hope rises, and whatever the circumstance an abiding sense of peace and presence prevails. It’s not complicated. My mind cannot comprehend the ways or thoughts of God but my heart is able to receive His love and abide in that place. A place where I live from His victory, His sufficiency, His timing, and His empowering….. I can’t overcome the world but Jesus has…. The way we fight and try to win approval – or as Christians and Churches, attempt to be ‘right’…. who would know it?

God is so kind and loves to hand out gifts to the unexpected….. On Sunday I offered a word that he wanted to heal someone of a condition in the bronchial tract region…. After the service the person came to me proclaiming with a smile, “That was me! I’ve been healed of a condition that has prevented me singing for six months!” Earlier, I’d sat at my desk and asked the Lord for words of knowledge to heal those gathering. I wrote a few things down and as I did so it felt I was merely making it up… it didn’t feel like some great spiritual presence. And that’s my point. God works in us and through us with an amazing simplicity that suddenly bursts forth and we’re humbled and amazed.

I wonder how he wants to amaze you this week? If we focus our minds on Jesus, open our hearts to the Father’s love, and remain humble and playful like children…. we will be amazed! It’s such a contrast to the stress of the denominational struggles I’ve witnessed over the past week… where dear brothers and sisters are so enmeshed in working out the true structure of ‘Church’ with hierarchy etc. They’re willing to sever relationships to ensure the doctrines and decimals are in the right place even tho’ we’ve lived through the futility of relying on such paranoid foundations built on the sand of rules and regulations.

Jesus is the foundation, the root, the beginning and the end….. His Kingdom come on earth as in heaven….. with power, laughter, a banquet, and much singing and dancing. Religion kills, Jesus gives life….. keep it simple and fly on eagles wings…..

John Cox

Christian Author


  • Simple can also be stretching and scary 🙂 Confusion often respectfully covers rebellion….. all interesting… isn’t it?

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