Don’t Give up on Healing

Jesus is all about ‘show and tell’. So is God his Father.

Religion would have us believe that God is restricted to our heads and traditions and that life is about survival until we reach heaven. That’s not the Good News Jesus revealed, shared, lived, or declared. Wherever he went he announced the coming of the Kingdom – on earth as in heaven. He demonstrated that reality with healings – available to anyone and everyone as evidence of God the Father’s grace, presence, power, and unimaginable love. The religious leaders bickered and argued and demonstrated nothing that brought life or encouragement to others.


The same is true today for those who are hungry, humble, and willing to be child-like. My prayer is for God to continue to release healing and the power of His presence whenever we gather together and wherever we travel….. I’m weary of arguing and am more than happy to see the pharisee in me starve to death that Jesus may live. I have no need to understand other than to step aside and give Jesus freedom to do what he does without my constant need for explanation. If he can use my hands, my heart, and my voice…. then I’m available.  Be encouraged today to believe in an unfathomable God who releases healing in the most impossible of circumstances.

John Cox

Christian Author

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