When your boat is on the beach….


“Think out of the box, step out of the boat,” These are phrases often used to encourage boldness and adventures in faith.

But what happens when you step out of the boat and your feet hit the beach?


Sometimes the water has receded and we are on dry land apparently going nowhere.


I’m writing this blog today because I’m leaning against my boat high and dry on the beach. Then I’m reminded of another guy who’s boat was ‘beached’ on top of a mountain. Noah was thrilled to sail on dry land and in his context a wonderful promise was being fulfilled as he stepped out of his boat onto rocks and sand.

The pictures on this page show boats in the water and boats on land – both in the same harbor only a few hundred metres from each other. Sometimes God is working in ways that we don’t understand and while one floats another waits. We’re learning to be expectant and at peace in both situations.

On the beach right now I’m determined for this waiting time to be productive, faith building, and a declaration of God’s goodness and faithfulness even though the circumstances are less that what I was hoping for. I could get people to help me drag the boat into the water or I can wait for a really high tide to get it afloat. I suspect that the answer is a combination of both, teamwork and timing.

In the meantime please keep praying for the Visa to to be processed by Tuesday… even if it isn’t we’ll re-book flights and just take off a few days later. In other words whatever happens, we’re going! 🙂 As Lefty reminds us, “A delay is not a denial”!

Let’s make the most of wherever we are – like this guy 🙂


John Cox

Christian Author

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