He Did It

John portrait 2013

What a day! Feel like Moses with his ankles in Red Sea saying “Help!”

Except in this day and age my brave prophetic act was doing laundry early as if I leaving….. Spent some time declaring who God is whatever happened and worshipping like I used to do when the future was uncertain. Ten O’clock the visa vice consulate is on the line…. sent him a desperate note yesterday afternoon as last resort. Then it was booking flight with Harbor Air and in downtown Vancouver by 12:30. Trailing suitcase arrived at Consulate in time for lunchbreak. So at 2pm returned and 90 minutes later after some tweaking I was given a Tourist visa.

Now waiting for Jim at Vancouver Airport munching on pizza and saying thank you for prayers….. now it’s off we go. Fly through London to Delhi…. overnight there and then via Mumbai to a place I can’t pronounce south of Hyderabad.

It’s certainly been a week or two of challenges…..

Hope to keep in touch if there’s connection where we travel….

big thank from kids

John Cox

Christian Author


    • Praise the Lord!!!! You continue to be in our prayers. We are expecting God to use you mightily for His good purposes!
      Pauline was stung by a manta this afternoon. Suffered excruciating pain but bore it well. Just got back from the doctor’s office. After an anti-histamine, an extra strength tylenol and a pina colada she eems to be weathering the storm.God bless you both!

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