Delhi Rush

After eight hours at Heathrow Jim and I boarded a packed flight to Delhi where we arrived in the morning mist at 9:30 this morning. The airport was a spacious pleasant surprise and we sailed through passport control and baggage in 30 minutes…. hallelujah!

We were met by a tour guide Jim connected us with and off we dived into a wild ride round this bustling city where cars and every other kind of vehicle compete for space. Went to see some historic buildings from British era, had a wonderful pedal rickshaw ride through corridor streets of Old Delhi. Electric wires dangle like cobwebs above and every commodity you could wish for is on sale. Visited a major Seiko temple where they feed 10,000 people a day – all volunteers. The meals are open to all as a sign of equality and the bustle must have been similar to what Jesus might have experienced in Jerusalem….. A few more sights and then at last back to hotel for shower and early night. Head out at 5am for Mumbai and then to meet Raj and family ……


John Cox

Christian Author

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