Sunday – At Your Service :-)


Sometimes it’s the screeching of a rooster that wakes you with the rising sun in the countryside. This morning it was the blaring loudspeaker from the Hindu Temple that shattered the silence and drowned any hardworking rooster. The temple is across the street from the orphanage and house where we are staying. Of course later that morning our church speakers were cranked up to fill the village air and when I spoke it really was all over town.

Spent some time with the children at the orphanage…. 17 boys and 14 girls… sleeping in two rooms and full of life and excitement. Tomorrow we’re going shopping for a wish list they have given us at our request this evening. On the list are sweaters, bicycles, and other necessities that we’re going have fun purchasing. In the big picture the cost will be less than one thousand dollars… we have collected some of that but are confident that the rest will come…. There is also a desperate need for a $1400 motorcycle that will help access to villages farther afield. I may have said already that the family we have met are incredibly humble and transparent… not asking for anything other than what will help the ministry. Maybe the most moving request was when Jim and I asked one of the wives what they would put on the list…. eventually out came the wish for a new sari. “Buy three!” Jim and I responded with big smiles… “One for each of you.”


The service today began at 11:30 and ended at 2:30…. people straggled in to the small church on the side of the road and sat on mats behind the boys and girls from the orphanage. The worship was a banging drum and a few metal shakers and loud singing… the microphone was passed around and anyone who wanted to choose a song and lead was free to do so. Prayers were offered in the same manner and tithes were brought up in the form of rice or a few coins. I’ve never been at a gathering where it felt so much like it may have been in the early church with so much passion, interaction, and participation – even tho’ I couldn’t understand what was being said. Eventually Jim and I were introduces and Jim gave a powerful 5 minute talk about knowing God. I followed with a translated talk about the Father’s love and his power available for all. Then we laid hands on everyone and prayed release and healing over them…. People came up for healing prayer at the end as well.



Wednesday to Friday we will be doing three evening crusades in a village where Raj’s father grew up before becoming a Christian. It is completely Hindu and yet they have invited us to come and his heart’s desire is to see that village come to Jesus and start a church there. Pray for God’s anointing on those evenings – more than we can ask for or imagine. On Satuday we’re all going to go the beach about 100 klms away…. with the children, which should be fun. Sunday we will be speaking at another village church and the pastor’s conference on the following Monday and Tuesday is now at 200 attending….

Thanks for your interest and prayers… we are very conscious that if anything will be effective here it will be because of prayer support and practical generosity that speaks of the love of Jesus on every level…..

John Cox

Christian Author


    • Bless you John and Jim. I shared your pictures and some of your blogs in Sunday school today. It powerfully connects our children/teens to the reality of another world seeing both of you there. Thanks again for stepping out. They have committed to be praying for you both every day your away for all that the Lord wants to do in and through you.

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