Pastors’ Conference Day 1

Here’s a picture of the boys asleep on mats in their clothes…..


It’s why we are here, to see for ourselves, to encourage, and to provide at least some support immediately. In the long term our visit will give credibility to Faith India Ministry and provide an assurance of legitimacy for others who might like to support a very worthwhile project. The big dream is to buy land outside the village and build quarters for girls and boys… able to house a total of 40 children. The entire project could be realized for around $120,000 and perhaps a variety of resources could be attracted to enable what seems to be impossible to actually happen.

The other reason for our visit is outreach to villages and support for those in ministry – hence the Crusade and the Pastors’ Conference.


About 180 pastors gathered for the first conference they have had since 2010. Jericho Road has sponsored the event which means paying for transport costs, meals, tent for eating under, and a gift of cloth for a shirt and trousers for each to take home with them. They are pastors of small churches scattered throughout the villages within easy walking distance for those attending. Most of them work in the fields or at another trade and then serve over the weekends as pastors.

We met in a pleasant new Pentecostal Church built last year – very Indian architecture and as in most places with hot climates, lots of cool marble and fans to move the air. This time of the year it is cooling down but it was steamy and humid today. Another Cyclone is forecast to hit the region on Thursday and it sounds like it could be bad news so please pray for this region. The impact of flooding and winds on the crops is devastating.

As we entered the church some of the girls from the orphanage lined the aisle and everyone clapped as we walked down – bright yellow flower petals showered all over us….. Singing followed with a piano/organ, drums and solo singers leading for 30 minutes…. all very loud. So foreign to our ears it’s impossible to understand what is being said and to enter into the worship easily. One guy came up dancing shaking metal ‘shakers’ which was cool to see the passion explode.






My first talk was about Peter and the need for pastors to have humility, be free to learn and make mistakes, and allow Jesus to build character as they travel with him and others – posing the question Jesus gave Peter, “Do you love me?”. Stole a thought from Chris Gore contrasting Peter’s self confidence with John… who Jesus loved. The one who was loved endured through the crucifixion. The second was about the roles of a pastor leading into the Promised Land, setting free from Egypt… having to scout ahead and have a different spirit… like Joshua and Caleb. Pastors are to set captives free and call/lead people to receive the inheritance they have from the Father – “All I have is yours.”




In between a lunch of rice and curry was served and being native Indians by now it was no problem lining up and eating with our fingers.





Tomorrow will be the same format and at the end the gifts will be distributed… I’ve just been asked if we can increase the number to 200… meaning an extra $500 for 50 more shirts and trousers. We figure we need to complete what we started so have agreed to the increase trusting provision will be released. It’s a better problem after all to need more than have much wasted. Pray for God to bless these men and to encourage them as we gather tomorrow…. time of refreshing and releasing of giftings, even healing….. the Kingdom come, on earth as in heaven!

John Cox

Christian Author

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