Leadership par Excellence!

Have you ever seen a CEO stop in the hallway and polish the shoes of the janitor who’s holding a mop beside a cleaning bucket? Or read an article about the Queen of England kneeling beside someone in the street and bandaging a wound with her ungloved hands? Or have you recently heard of a Prime Minister inviting the homeless into his home while volunteering to live in a garden shed for an extended period of time? I haven’t heard of any such stories.

This week we remember the true story of someone greater than a CEO, a Prime Minister, or the Queen of England, who left his mansion to be born in a stable and live in a peasant home and under the stars. One who touched lepers, blind eyes, and the unclean so that they would become whole. One who healed the wounds of the hurting and ultimately changed places with drunks, murderers, thieves, and respectable rebels as they stood guilty and accused. Jesus was that man – the one and only Son of the Chief Executive Officer of the Universe, the King of kings, the Prince of Peace.

He shared a Last Supper with his disciples, washed their feet, and commanded them to love one another ‘as I have loved you’. Instead of focussing on the suffering he was about to endure on the Cross he tended to the needs of his closest friends as he prepared them for his death. Jesus modelled the true standard of leadership in a manner we seldom witness in our world. The one who has all the power, the wealth, and the influence bends low to the ground and serves those who have nothing.

On Good Friday we remember Jesus’ last hours as he went to the Cross and was crucified. We want to pause on this incredible day and honor God and Jesus for going to such lengths for us to be reconciled and filled with the Holy Spirit. I’ve said before that if we desecrated Remembrance Day the way we’ve allowed society to disfigure Christmas and Easter we would be imprisoned for violating a revered tradition. It helps me put in perspective what we do and why we do it. If we can, quite rightly, celebrate the bravery and sacrifices of men and women who gave their lives in wartime, how much more should we honor the Prince of Peace who laid down His life to deliver us from the clutches of the prince of darkness – the root spirit behind every war ever fought on human soil?

Finally the great celebration of Easter dawns when we gather to celebrate the most unbelievable event in human history. The CEO, the King of Kings, and the Prince of Peace rose from the dead to declare the Kingdom of Heaven was released on earth for all people who wanted to receive what had been won through his life, death and resurrection. Don’t sit on the sidelines this weekend… come out to learn, share and honor the most mysterious, unbelievable, gracious, courageous and significant event this world’s ever witnessed or been invited to share in. Grace abounds! Hallelujah!


John Cox

Christian Author

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