Ken in India – Bonus Feature

We were driving back from church yesterday and Rau stopped to chat to a friend in the middle of the road. Ken and I decided to walk ahead and I took this panoramic view of the area….. and Ken came trotting in unaware …. 🙂

Unfortunately the image is a little blurred but it gives a feel for what this area looks like….. rice fields as far as the eye can see, palm trees, and strange holy men walking the roads muttering to themselves. Make sure your volume is turned up……

John Cox

Christian Author

One comment

  • We are praying that the people there would see you all with no silver or gold, just the power through the Holy Spirit. Strong sense that
    you are there to impart freedom and faith mainly to the pastors (or someone there) and miracles will flow through from them. Praying
    also for boldness to be imparted to them. Blessings to you all. love Fred & Glenda

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