Swimming in the Bay of Bengal


These large statues are a common sight in the villages of this area…. erected to honor benefactors and people who have made a significant contribution to the community. We pass many of them along the way to wherever we happen to be going as well as shrines and idols – which are often brightly colored and in better condition than most buildings.


Our day was a trip to the beach, scheduled to leave at 8:30 but in actuality the engines started at 10 am. If time is important and schedules are what makes you tick than this place will drive you crazy. Everything is another conversation, waiting for someone else to arrive, or just not being in a hurry….  it’s charmingly frustrating at times but a common feature of many cultures. On the other hand the road to see the sea was in the best condition of any we have driven on, so that was a pleasant surprise.

Neither Taja (Raj’s wife) nor Gloria (Rau’s wife) had ever seen the ocean so this was quite an adventure. The beach is as long as the eye can see with great waves for body surfing and warmer than anywhere else I’ve ever dived into (in the ocean). I’ll let the pictures tell the story….. Taja in in the yellowish outfit and Gloria the rainbow colors, Sanjeeva’s wife Esther is next to Jan.



These boats made of logs are used by the fishermen to paddle out to the larger boats anchored offshore.





Three of the pastors who came with us but wouldn’t swim


And here are a few more from the medical camp yesterday. The little boy I was praying for was mute….


Below… Ken is praying for a someone across the street from our house.



Tomorrow morning we will go to a nearby village to dedicate the well you have made possible. And later we head out for the first night of the Crusade…. so please pray for God’s love, favor, and power to be present…. His Kingdom come. Thanks very much….:-)

John Cox

Christian Author


  • Will continue to pray for your mission together, and for the crusade that begins tonight – blessings!

  • The beach looks absolutely wonderful and everyone looks like they are having a marvelous time. How nice it would be not to let us be ruled by time. My lesson of the week, to myself, is to remember that all we do is for God and Him only. For every opportunity that presents itself is about Him pouring into our lives and not about results, or what I can get from him. I have not doubt you will be blown away by all that is yet to come. Blessing to you Ken, Brad and Jan.

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