Dedicating a Water Well


To be honest it seemed no big deal to dedicate a water well until we arrived and discovered what it meant for the community. Most of the shallow wells in the area are about 30 ft deep and salty… so can be used for washing not drinking. That means that the women have to carry water 2 klms to obtain fresh and safe drinking water. This new well is 96 ft deep and will provide the same women and about 300 families with fresh water.

The well has been drilled next to a church and we were greeted with songs of praise pounding out through speakers across the village. At first this seems strange as it happens everywhere. Again until one understands the context. This is a predominantly Hindu area and the temples broadcast their songs and ideals day and night across the rooftops. Consequently in the battle for the spiritual realm on earth to be manifest the Christians do the same.

After songs were sung I was invited to cut the blue ribbon and give thanks to God for this well and bless those who draw from it – which was an honor and joy. Thank you again for those of you who contributed to making this possible. I then pumped the first water into the carrier and it flowed cold and sweet.



The region is very poor… this is a severely handicapped woman we prayed for and the house next door to the church.


This picture outside the house across from the pastor’s house needs no explanation….. other than a bold declaration:


Afterwards we had coffee (a sweet drink in small cups) at the pastor’s house and prayed for a couple who had recently lost a first child through a miscarriage.


Ken has had bronchitis today and has slept most of the day so please pray for his swift recovery. Thank you for your interest and ongoing prayer support.

John Cox

Christian Author

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  • Music was great! And so cool that the well can provide so many families with clean, drinkable water in Jesus’ name.

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