God’s Love

What an interesting evening…. fairly low key tonight as we talked about God’s love as a Father and his passion for relationship. The evening began with prayer at the orphanage and the children pray all together and out loud with great fervor.

2014-11-26 19.23.47

2014-11-26 19.23.42

The village is an hour’s drive away, the same place we held the Medical Camp. The bare field has been transformed and we arrived during the worship. The hospitality is awkward to our culture as we entered the arena to applause and a welcome of showers of petals as we made our way to the stage.


2014-11-26 20.43.49

2014-11-26 20.43.58

After some more singing (incredibly loud) I was called upon to speak and began with the story of creation and came down from the stage when I came to God so loving the world that he sent Jesus. I asked a young girl to come forward to be Mary and shared the passionate love of God’s heart with the story of the Prodigal Son.



Jan then came down and shared a testimony of how she had a great family life, loving husband and fisrt child yet something was missing. And how she saw Jesus in friends and wanted what they had for herself. In this culture having a woman speak is unusual so Jan did a wonderful job and the women were very attentive.


I encouraged people to open their hearts to the father’s love during a time of prayer at the end. I find these times very hard to evaluate and just pray that something of God’s love is communicated and received. It’s a journey of faith in a foreign culture that’s for sure. Our hosts said it was a great start with more people attending than they had anticipated.


Here’s Brad with the team of helpers from the youth group who were very keen to have their photo taken afterwards when we shared a light meal.


Tomorrow we’ll pray for healing and share the power of Jesus to love and set captives free.

John Cox

Christian Author

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  • Hi John
    These are just awesome testimonies to the love of God for all of His people everywhere. And what can happen when we as Christians walk in obedience to where and when He calls us. I pray a blessing on you and the team there and may God in His graciousness allow you to see the healing of many – both spiritually and physically. God bless all of you from Jericho Road as well as all of our sisters and brothers from Kotipali too.I am deeply humbled by the servant hearts of Raj’s family and the love they have to give in their own sphere of influence. I pray God’s abundant and rich blessings on them and their families – and especially on the children at the orphanage.

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