Shopping in Tenali and Enjoying a Theme Park

On Friday morning we drove to Tenali (the nearest large town) to buy items for the children.  Along the way we saw sacred cows and a silver holy man (pretending to be the reincarnation of Gandhi – begging)


Shopping is a long process believe me… beginning with buying saris for the wives – Esther, Gloria, and Taja (Raj’s wife – shhhhh… don’t tell anyone but she just learned today she’s pregnant :-)).


Actually  the day before we were fitted to have a few shirts tailor made as they are so cheap….

IMG_1211IMG_1212IMG_1810And this was the result…..



Jan has spent hours being dressed in saris and a Punjabi sari (has trousers) will the local women helping fix every angle….. thrilled that she was sharing their cultural heritage.


Our mission was really to buy a TV and DVD player for the children and two bicycles, which was done. They have been delivered so we trust they will provide the children with great joy and entertainment.

Then Saturday was our expedition to a waterslide theme park which the children were so excited about. Once again the pictures tell the story 🙂

  • IMG_1666IMG_1669IMG_1850
  • IMG_1674IMG_1676IMG_1687
  • IMG_1686IMG_1698IMG_1699IMG_1697IMG_1716IMG_1725IMG_1696IMG_1730IMG_1731IMG_1732IMG_1741IMG_1745IMG_1759IMG_1760IMG_1737IMG_1736IMG_1761

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