Sunday’s Children

On our second Sunday Jan and Brad went to the church Ken and I visited last week with Rau – and we attended the local church run by Sanjeeva that is by the river on the roadside. No photos from Brad and Jan as camera was forgotten but Rau enthused that their sharing was inspiring and blessed those who gathered. Brad talked about expectant prayer and Jan talked about Ruth putting relationships above circumstances.


We walked to the church past the grotesquely figured mosque and worship began at noon continuing for nearly an hour and a half. The children entered in with enthusiasm and then dozed off to sleep as others began to arrive and fill the room… everyone seated on rice mats…


I spoke of God being able to use anyone and anything… using the familiar feeding of the 5,000 and the sharing of the little boy’s lunch. Emphasizing that God created the world from nothing and ever since then has chosen to accomplish his purposes through what he had already created…. specifically human beings. We also thought about how we often ask for God to do things and his response many times is the one he gave his disciples on that Galilean hillside when they told him the crowd was hungry.

“You feed them.”

“We haven’t enough.”

“Give me what you have.”

And in the hands of Jesus, what looked like nothing became the ‘enough’ for a miracle of provision and catering.

Here are some pictures of the children…..


John Cox

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