Pastor’s Conference Day Two


The place was packed today with people overflowing into the outside passageways – over 300 in attendance. The format was the same as yesterday. Today we talked about learning as a lifelong journey and that believing means following Jesus with our feet. Building relationship and trust is the foundation of being willing to dare to go further and be uncomfortable from time to time. Living from that place of victory and acceptance opened for each of us through Jesus. In the afternoon we focused on the power of his Spirit to enable us to become what we could never dream of on our own…. Men and women with the spirit of Caleb… adventurous, bold, and passionate for God.


After inviting God the Father’s healing and refreshing Spirit to touch everyone present we were honored and thanked in the traditional manner of garlands and crowns. And then began the distribution of cloth for the pastors in attendance. This is the last year that’s going to happen as it was agreed that it significantly adds to the cost of the conference.A few stood up at the end of the conference and expressed gratitude for the teaching and encouragement and I come away satisfied that it was all worthwhile and who knows what else transpired?




This year what has become clear is the priority for an orphanage facility outside the village with room for the children to be housed more comfortably and have a more pleasant recreation area. I believe we should be praying for five acres that would allow some farming as well as expansion for a pastors training center. The family has done an amazing job of networking with all the pastors but there is a desperate need for more focused teaching and equipping. So having a center where a group could come and take short courses would be wonderful.

Such a facility would provide more opportunity for a visiting team to contribute in a greater variety of ways. Providing classes for ESL for the kids is one option Brad and Jan want to explore. For now we’re coming to the end of our visit… once again humbled and yet catching a vision for what could be…..

John Cox

Christian Author


  • Jesus has and will do the “more than we can ask or imagine” through your time there. Give Carmen our greetings.

  • Wow. All those people hungry to know more of the power of god. I know you have been a blessing and every seed sown was worth it all. God is good!

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