Glimpses of Mumbai

Unlike Delhi Mumbai has few great monuments. It was a fishing village that grew over seven islands and is the now the most westernized city in India. This is a country of such extremes and contrasts, a melting pot of cultures, religions, and a pot that overflows with over one billion people. Today we did a quick tour (with our very knowledgeable guide who used to be a university philosophy lecturer) of the city and walked through the Hindu area where little temples are everywhere.. there are over 300,000 deities and that may be conservative.



This part of the city is the oldest section and the water pool is regarded as sacred as the Ganges….


A flower mill that has been operating for over 100 years… and below that one of the many outdoor laundries


View of Mumbai (always been known by that known to locals)…. Bombay to English.

IMG_1922IMG_1923House belonging to richest man in India…. over 22 stories… first 12 stories are for 2,000 cars… has 300 servants and a family of 5. Grey skyscraper.  Not far from there is the largest open air laundry in the world… quite a sight…


Throughout city evidence of British colonial buildings… quite magnificent…. and cricket matches…. if you can cross a street without being bowled over….


Tides going out and this is the view from the rooftop pool of the hotel. Ken flies out to London very early tomorrow, I follow at midday. Brad and Jan are spending another day here before heading north to visit friends in the Punjab region. It’s been a stretching and wonderful experience together and I thank you for sharing it with us. Thanks so much to those who took the trouble to write, comment, encourage, and pray with us along the way.


As the sun sets over the bay in Mumbai so it sets for a while over this blog…… 🙂 God bless….


John Cox

Christian Author

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