Looking for Joy?

Back home again and jetlag still has me in it’s slipstream but not for much longer. The contrast to Southern India is so great in my world of abundance, provision, and over-supply of stuff. That’s not a lead in to cynicism or negativity. I’m merely aware on my return how weighed down we are as a society and despite everything we have what we often lack is a sense of joy and anticipation.

Here’s an inspiring clip that helps encourage us in another direction. And if you could do with some genuine encouragement and an infusion of joy… then this is for you – with love.

As Graham Cooke so eloquently says: “Why postpone joy and/or peace to another time when circumstances improve? Why not take hold of it now – that may even accelerate the other changes you are hoping for?”

It’s God in us who transforms… and we become agents of change, sparklers of joy, bearers of light and hope… rather than victims of situations and emotions awaiting rescue or seeking pity as a way out.

Receive joy…..

John Cox

Christian Author

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