From India with Love and Thanks

Here’s a letter just received from Raj in India and his family….. We come from such different worlds but God uses us to share our riches….. they have riches that we in the West hardly know exist, and we have riches of another kind. We need one another more than we will ever fully know for God’s Kingdom to be truly visible on earth – as in heaven.

Hi Pastor John, Brad, Janet and Ken,

Hope you are doing well and back to homeland safely. We were busy for the last four days in the reaping the field we’ve cultivated in production of the rice for the kids. Sorry for the delay.


My mom is doing well and she is perfectly better in her health.


I am working on filing a biographies for each child with their photo and some brief info. I will try to send the list as soon as i finish that work. We are believing that God can make our visions and dreams come true in His time and we have been patiently waiting to see what God has stored for us since 2006 and we could see the move of God in and through Faith India Ministries, we experienced many unexpected blessings in our lives which we thought they would never come into us but the Almighty God lifted us high. We have undergone many struggles and pains in the society but God did not leave us even in those hardships. He is meeting our every need, especially the children we care for.


All we think is we must provide a healthy food, nurture and care. We want to give them a gracious meaningful life so that they can be a great leaders for the next generation. We have no words to describe how greatly Jericho Road Church has been supportive to the ministry in India. Their continuous efforts and financial help was really making many lives alive, especially our precious kids at the orphanage and my family. There were times we had no food, no clothing, nothing to boast ourselves….but for now, we eat with joy in Christ and that joy comes truly from people like you who stand in the gap.Praise God!!

pastor conf 3
We are praying for the Pastors Training Centre as well as 5 acres of land to be bought by this time in the next year. We don’t know what the future holds but let’s chase up and ask God to make it happen according to His will and purpose….and for His glory….

Thank you so much for your great love as you united as one family and those beautiful days were immeasurable and unforgettable….we missed you a lot and love you all guys


In His Service;
Raj and family

John Cox

Christian Author

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