Preparing to Leave

Well we’re heading for the final stretch before catching a flight from Entebbe to Cape Town tomorrow that means rising at 4 am. Yesterday Micah and I did a few chores in the morning, went shopping for souvenirs and had lunch at a funky coffee shop called ‘1000 Cups’. Unfortunately while the coffee was great the service was not….




In the evening I spoke at a gathering of about 100 students about ‘living from the inside out…. the second Adam was a quickening Spirit.’ They were very attentive and responsive and tonight we get to do the same again.

This morning I met with Micah’s staff and we talked about team building and communication, relationships and transparency and it seemed very worthwhile as everyone engaged. We followed that with lunch at the upmarket shopping mall in Kampala that reminded me of the similar venue in Nairobi where the massacre occurred…. My thoughts naturally turned to my slain friend James… and what the scenario may have been like. Entrances are all guarded with screening and checks so there is some vigilance in many public areas.


It’s been a great visit with Micah and his family who have been so hospitable…. the needs here are huge… the two pastors who assist him earn about $200 per month…. $500 is considered comfortable. Micah sponsors a school near his home village up north in Nebbe where we visited last time. $500 per month covers the cost of teachers and helps give over 100 children a basic education but now he’s not sure how he can sustain these various needs without more help.

So I leave with gratitude, always humbled and challenged, and praying that others will catch a vision and heart for helping in these places where a little from us can make a substantial difference on the ground here…. same as India.

John Cox

Christian Author


  • Hi am enjoying your blog. They are singing in English. Was that for you or was it an English speaking church? Praying for you and Micah
    Blessings. Carol

    • English is the common language in Uganda as there are so many different dialects. Unlike India everything is in English 🙂

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