Jesus – Still Rising

Of course, Jesus would be crucified today in our town just as He was outside Jerusalem 2000 years ago. This is the most politically incorrect week of the year that’s impossible to shrug off or ignore. It’s a showdown between the One who claimed to be the incarnation and revelation of the one true God, and religious leaders and secular authorities who were insulted that their worldviews and power were being held in contempt. It’s life’s core issue at its crudest. Who’s in charge around here?


We democratically tolerate the concept of spirituality and perhaps many gods; but one God? We want to debate and decide truth and are indignant that we have no say – much like being excluded from deciding whether gravity exists – it does. When Jesus approached His crucifixion (historical fact not myth) all the human drama of politics, ego, anger, fickle power mongering came into play. Cruelty and death were thrown at this weak and pathetic man on a Cross. Until Sunday, when for the only time in human history a tomb was found empty and a resurrection occurred. Check out the evidence and facts.


I believe because it’s all so unbelievable. I believe because random ego and chaos rooted in the human heart renders life meaningless without meaning or purpose. I believe because the evidence around the life, death and resurrection of Jesus is compelling. When I reach out in faith He changes my heart and life, forgives me for all wrongdoing, and gives me hope for the future. His love is as amazing as He is. Chocolate bunnies melt in your mouth but Jesus rises up! It’s a profound comfort to know that there’s more to life than me.

John Cox

Christian Author

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