After the Silence

Four hundred years of silence. Nothing.

From the final words in the last book of the Old Testament until the first words of the New Testament – four hundred years and counting. Malachi ended with a promised declaration about turning the hearts of parents to their children and the hearts of children to their parents. Great word, must be for next week, or next year. Four hundred years!?

“Why did it take you so long, God?”

“Maybe it took that long before I could get your attention? Perhaps it’s more to do with you than it is with me.” There’s a thought.

Four hundred years of silence, waiting, listening, resignation, anger, despair, giving up, guess God’s dead.

Four Hundred years….. no sound.

silence 1

“Did you hear that?”



“God’s speaking.”

“How do you know?”

“Angels appeared announcing His coming to earth, just when we thought…..”

“Sounds scary, I’m nervous. No, actually terrified.”

“So were the shepherds. Who’d of thought they’d be told?”


“What’s He saying?”

“Don’t know, voice is very faint, can’t make out the words.”

“It’s getting louder…”

What’s He saying, for God’s sake!”

“Nothing much.”

“What do you mean? Four hundred years of silence and then nothing?”

“No. it’s not nothing. It’s just that the sound is not words, it’s a baby crying.”

“You must be kidding. The first sound of God after four hundred years is a crying baby?”

baby hands

“Why? Surely He has something to say that we can understand?”

“Or, perhaps we don’t need to understand. What if the crying baby is more about His presence with us, rather than more information. We’ll just argue anyway.”

“After four hundred years God speaks by being born as a baby among us?”

“Who’d have thought? People are afraid of God, but not of babies. Do you think He’s trying to say something?”

“Maybe. Don’t be afraid. I’m here for you. Not against you. I don’t know, it’s weird.”

“Hope we don’t have to wait another four hundred years to hear what He has to say.”

“No, I don’t think so. Let’s watch and see, and listen…..”

That first Christmas was so unexpected, very different, hard to comprehend, but it unlocked the door. God has never been the same since; and neither need we. 🙂


Noel – Chris Tomlin, Lauren Daigle



John Cox

Christian Author

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