Little Gestures

Sometimes hidden moments uncover gems in the humblest of gestures.

Not long ago I was seated at a public event awaiting the start when I was overcome with one of those awkward coughing fits. Funny how it happens. Nothing before, in the drive to arrive but as soon as you’re seated and there’s silence it all breaks loose. I nearly went out but didn’t think my hacking would last long so remained seated.



Two responses were evoked.

A woman behind me sighed and audibly muttered disapproval each time I coughed – as if I could help myself. Another woman, seated two seats away immediately reached into her purse and with a smile handed me a packet of Fisherman’s Friends. I gratefully helped myself and returned her packet with appreciation as I rejoined the silent throng and peace was restored.

fisherman friend

The Fisherman’s Friend was kind and thoughtful. It doesn’t take much to bless….

Gretchen Peters – If you’ve never heard her, take a listen 🙂


Love That Makes a Cup of Tea


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John Cox

Christian Author


  • I love the times when people show kindness and love!

    • Me too, doesn’t take much top bless and make a difference, often out of proportion to the gesture 🙂

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