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I have recently completed (in draft form) a compilation of 99 Reflections drawn from weekly notes to the church where I was pastor, and this blog – over the past ten years or so. They cover a wide variety of topics and are intended to provoke thought, and encourage us to grow in our relationship with Jesus. They are written to engage ordinary people and to avoid cliché or too much ‘Christian-speak’. The book is called: Bread ‘n Wine – 99 Reflections from a Dogeared Pilgrim

Each Reflection ends with a short application or nudge to ponder under the heading, Consider. A short verse (or two) is also included.

Bread and Wine is a collection of 99 open invitations to come as you are, to a great meal hosted by God himself. How do I get there? What must I do? How should I act? I know you are full of questions but please don’t fret, you have a friend named John. He may look like a dog eared, old traveler, with a wry smile and a bit of a limp but his experiences in the Father’s house may be incredibly useful as you take your place at the table and begin to nibble on the only food that can truly satisfy. -another friend.

I would appreciate some feedback and any comments that could make this modest contribution more relevant, helpful, or whatever you think. To that end I’m offering a free download of seven Reflections as a sample copy to test/taste and see. Try and read one per day, rather than all at once 🙂

There’s no obligation at all. However, if you have any comment or feedback that would be great. You can place it in the comment section under this page or drop me an email: or message me on Facebook.

In the link below are seven Reflections. Click on link and the download should appear at the bottom left hand corner of your screen. Click on that and then save when it opens as a word document.

Thanks very much.’n+Wine+7+Reflections+Revised.docx

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John Cox

Christian Author


  • Thank you John, you have always helped me to understand what seemed out of reach or shrouded in mystery to me.

  • Hi John, ..I am pleased you have written a reflection type of book…I have read and been thinking about Encouragement sinse I read this one first…You chose to share first the one thing that àll Christians can do…imaging a church family full of encouragers..people who see others with hearts eyes…not with human eyes…asking Holy Spirit.” What does this person need to hear, Lord, how are you seeing this person today?…what do you say is their future?…
    Communication full of blessings and affirmation…How quickly that would spill out into the world!!! ( and out is the building!) I really like the practical application…ir answers for me ( pragmatic me) ” what does it look like?…I like the way you suggested one reads the chapter around the 2 or so scriptures…and that this is too be pondered…meditated on …maybe one every few days or once a week….not too be rushed

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