Since When?

Perhaps you’ve seen this clip (see below) using a great driving metaphor encouraging people to get vaccinated? If not take three minutes and review.

I truly don’t understand why people are so anti-vaccination? Vaccinations for polio, smallpox, shingles, typhoid, and all kinds of dangerous stuff have been regarded as the gift and miracle of modern medicine. The breakthrough of penicillin was revolutionary, saving lives beyond counting from infection, horrific pain, and death.

I’ve read posts where people say they are uncomfortable and want to know more science, what is in the vaccine, more research. It’s amazing to me how suddenly us ordinary Joes and Janes have become more trusting in our ignorant discernment than having faith in the expertise of those who have specialized in the advanced science of vaccine production. They are not even listening to the science (do you know enough to understand it even when explained?) but to the politics and stories peddled on the internet where sources and credibility are often highly suspect.

It’s so ironic. I’ve spent my life encouraging people to explore the facts, history, integrity, and substance, undergirding the claims of Christianity, the existence of Jesus, the evidence for the resurrection, and the reality of God. On the one hand many have dismissed the invitation without research; instead it’s a shrug and their choice is based on one bad experience or sheer prejudice against ‘religion’ Others have taken a step of faith and participate in Christianity without a fraction of the ‘research’ they are demanding for a vaccine. It’s beyond me how to connect the dots….

I’ve always encouraged independent thinking, asking questions, and not being led by the nose. But that has not meant cherry picking our bigger picture responsibilities as if it is our right – no matter what. We don’t understand airplanes much but we fly in them. Same with motor vehicles, cell phones, the internet, mountain bikes, and how Netflix is beamed into our homes. Almost everything we engage in through everyday life demands trust, acceptance that others know what they are doing, and a leap of faith based on consumer reports, market experience, and perhaps the testimony of friends.

I totally accept that there are those who have underlying medical issues who have genuine and good reason to be the last on the bus. I’m not talking about them. Freedom is a gift that comes with responsibility and consideration of the well-being of others. I’ll be quite honest. The majority (not all) of the people I know who are anti-vaccination tend to not like anyone telling them what to do about anything…. just saying. I’m sure some will protest about that statement….. nevertheless, may be worth considering. Do some research. Does the shoe fit?

Check out the clip….. I’m not suggesting you have to 🙂

John Cox

Christian Author


  • Thanks John, we have family members, grandchildren friends who we do not see, because they are so antivax,anti government, anti science, it’s pathetic, when the very people you so love have not a care in the world and refuse to even converse over this. Some are the very Christians I stood shoulder to shoulder with worshipping our God. These ones say I have no faith to believe God to keep us safe. It just breaks my heart. I just cannot spend precious time listening to all the anti everything so just don’t engage, and pray God will speak to their hearts and mind. Thanks for your continuous encouragement in your writing. It’s one of the tools that has helped me stay positive and strong.

    • Very sad…. Faith in God to keep safe but money in savings just in case etc. Perhaps it is time for ‘Greater love has no man or woman than to have the vaccine to protect friends and strangers.

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