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Over the past year I have published two books that I would appreciate some help to market. Anyone who knows me will know that I detest self-promotion (yes, I thinks it’s as strong as that). However I do not have a platform of speaking or church to provide a marketing opportunity. Publishers say that the vast majority of books sell around 200 copies, or less – which is quite depressing. But I believe it. I’ve never made any money on what I have written. My typesetters and copyeditors have shown a greater profit.

So I’ve decided to challenge my own tendencies primarily because I do believe in the message of these two books. The one is a fictional story and the other a compilation of thoughts and meditations. Both are written for those who are on the fringes when it comes to believing in God or attending church. I have encountered so many who have been put off by childhood exposure to a legalistic church or killjoy expression of God. Even the current trauma of Ukraine has the Orthodox Church in Moscow providing a spiritual cover for Putin’s cruelty. How does one process that without being cynical!? God gets a bad press on many street corners year after year.

Unaware – If Only We’d Known is a work of fiction (speculative fiction is the term). The story is about an estranged young couple who have lost their way. Their marriage is on the rocks and one of their children is critically ill. They have no concept of God and they face their unexpected crisis with very few tools or support. How on earth will they manage? Their lives are gritty and unsanitized – which means that many Christian publishers would reject the story as ‘unsafe’ for their readers. My whole point is that God reaches out to those who fall into that category (most of us) with great passion and love. In heaven, God is training five Guardian Angels to walk alongside people who struggle on earth. Except these angels have no concept of what life on earth is like and find it incomprehensible that everyone does not know God’s love as they do. These two stories of life and revelation on earth and in heaven unfold and eventually interconnect. They include themes of unbelief, failure, anger, suffering, and questions about God when life makes no sense and seems very unfair. The reader does not need any spiritual knowledge to make sense of the narrative – hopefully that evolves in the telling.

99 Musings of a Dogeared Pilgrim is a compilation of readings originating from weekly ‘thoughts’ I sent out as a pastor to encourage those in the church I was pastoring. They attempt to address a variety of topics around faith without being religious or overly spiritual. The intent is to encourage those who desire to grow in their faith to press into hard questions and work out what following God looks like in the real messy world of everyday life. It gives people permission to doubt, to question, to wrestle, and to dig deeper in order to find answers that have integrity and build faith in the midst of mystery and many loose ends. We will never explain the reality or ways of God by joining logical dots – because if he’s real he is too big and the complexity too vast. But we can find evidence to support choices and leaps of faith that amount to more than blind hope, crutches for the weak, or whistling in the dark.

I believe that both these books address a deep spiritual hunger in our world. They are not ‘the answer’ but offer a contribution encouraging the reader to perhaps take a second look, think again, or even not to give up on God because of bad examples or previous negative experiences. God knows, we all go through seasons where we throw up our hands and exclaim, “What’s the point!” Jesus told stories illustrated with his ‘show and tell’ life; much more invitation than condemnation.

If any of this makes sense to you I’m humbly requesting your help to spread the word and perhaps to be so kind as to pass on a recommendation in whatever capacity you have influence. If you do read these books and can recommend on Amazon and/or Goodreads that would be wonderful.

Here’s a link to a previous blog with more information about both books. https://googleforgod.wordpress.com/2022/03/27/new-book-published/

You have no idea what a challenge it is to write this blog! But we have to face our fears, so this is one way. Thanks very much. 🙂

If I could put my focus into a song, it may be this one by Kristene DiMarco:

What if Jesus is okay with
Letting parts of Him remain a mystery?
What if Jesus is just smiling
When I think down here I must know everything?
What if my views don’t reflect His fullness
And there’s sill so much more of Heaven yet to see?
What if trusting Him is what He’s looking for?
Would that be good enough, good enough for me?

What if Jesus sees what I miss
And He does not share all my thoughts on politics?
What if His body bridges these chasms
That I have dug out in my own self-righteousness?
And what if people I don’t agree with
Are the same ones pouring their perfume on His feet?
What if Jesus gets the whole of His reward

Would that be beautiful, beautiful to me?

What if Jesus desires mercy
While I’m busy judging others for their deeds?
‘Cause if I have His heart and friendship
Then I must know He loves the liars and the thieves
What if I spend life in His vineyard
And at midnight, He redeems my enemies
What if trusting Him is what He’s looking for?
Would that be good enough, good enough for me?

What if Jesus’ wedding table
Holds the people that have hurt and wounded me?
What if I’m seated in the middle
While at the head are some who’ve only just believed?
Oh, what if after all I’ve been through
Everyone gets the same He promised me?
What if Jesus alone is the reward?
He would be good enough, good enough for me
He’d be more than good enough, good enough for me.

John Cox

Christian Author

One comment

  • Good on John, You have a way to to put in to word my feelings on issues where my word often fail. I thank you for that. I will use my small platform to promote you writing.

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