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Just published is 99 Musings of a Dogeared Pilgrim. Yep, that’s me. Daily readings for 99 days arranged in random order (which means not arranged) quite deliberately. You can dip in and out whenever desired and not feel guilty or pressured to keep up.

It has taken about fifteen years to compile these musings. They first emerged in the form of a weekly email to members of the church I pastored as a means of encouragement and community building. My underlying passion has always been to invite questions and to experience Christianity as relevant and real in our ordinary, everyday lives and relationships. Most of the people I have met who want to follow Jesus are seldom satisfied with their progress. Like me, they have ups and downs in their journey, one day finding it easier to believe than on another day. These musings are for them.

99 Musings is for men and women who desire to know God and follow Jesus with authenticity and integrity. The first disciples were far from perfect and yet God called them, loved them, equipped them, picked them up when they struggled, and blessed them. As was true for them so it is possible for us today. The Musings seek to inspire, encourage, sometimes challenge, and most importantly, to remind the reader of God’s faithfulness, even when circumstance don’t make sense. Written in contemporary language each Musing is relevant and easily applied for today’s world. This is not a book of spiritual idealism and abstraction but rather tries to make sense of the teachings of Jesus, the promises of God, and the power of the Holy Spirit. It is about a kind and loving God who is a Father. He wants to walk alongside us in our lives with his presence and power. He delights in us where we are, and he is not interested in our being perfect, trying harder, keeping rules, or performing. His focus is on friendship and relationship from which all else flows – and that is the heart of these Musings.

Marketing books is a daunting challenge and certainly is likely to lead an author into debt rather than great riches. You can help by sharing this post – thank you, much appreciated. And if you enjoy any of the material an endorsement on Amazon and/or Goodreads would be wonderful. All helps 🙂

99 Musings of a Dogeared Pilgrim:

Available on Amazon (Paperback)

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Wipf&Stock (paperback and eBook)

If you haven’t read ‘Unaware… If Only We’d Known’ how about giving it a try? It’s an easy read weaving together a fictional story of tragedy with common questions about how a God of love allows so much suffering in the world.

Amazon Paperback

Amazon Kindle

Wipf&Stock (Paperback and eBook)

John Cox

Christian Author

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